Spotlight feature - some issues

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Hi there, 

in our lesson, we were trying to spotlight the teacher or different students.

When in gallery view everyone is visible as they have cameras on but when one person is put into the spotlight suddenly we can see only his/her initials, not the video.

Can anyone explain this or tell me how to make the spotlight really work, please?

Thanks :)

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@Atyde We are having the same issue here. Have you found a solution?

@vickigraham No, no solution or idea. One day I had a lesson with another teacher and the spotlight was working with some kids with others not. No obvious pattern here. But at least I know it's working (sometimes) ;)

@Atyde  We have had the same issues with no rhyme or reason to who can see the spotlight and who can't.  Do you think it is a signal strength issue?


Do you have any solutions.

We have the same issues

@Ms_Leifer I don't know if the signal is a factor here. I have rather a good internet but I know nothing about the signal that students have.

@Nirina_Ramaroson  No, no solution here. This week again it was working for the teacher at school but not for several students at home.


I've generally deduced that this happens when the spotlighted person is not speaking. The case is made worse as they are waiting for everyone to say "I can see you!" So they are silent and others are talking and their spotlight video doesn't show. Once they are speaking steadily, it usually works. No good of you want to spotlight someone doing sign language! I've found exceptions to this, but this is what happens most of the time for me.
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