Speed dial for Call queues

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How can I assign a call queue to a speed dial or favorite so I can transfer a call easily?

I have to enter a whole number to transfer the call as it stands now.

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Hi @Fixxser2  I don't know if this doc addresses exactly what you're looking for but I thought I'd pass it along because there's a lot of info there.  Create a call queue in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

yeah I saw that document. Call queue is up and running fine. It would be easier if we could press a speed dial to transfer the call I am in to the queue. Right now my operators are spending time entering in the 10 digit number to transfer the call.

I think I found a write up about it here:
"Transfers between Calling Plan trunks and Direct Routing trunks aren't supported."
I just need someone to confirm if the wording means what I think.


Then there is this:


But what I am looking for is a speed dial. so the operator can just press one button.

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I found a way to add the call queue to speed dial.
1) I dialed the Call queue and hanged up
2) I clicked on History and it showed the Call queue
3) I was able to click on the ellipse and choose "Add to speed dial"
4) Type in the resource name for the Call Queue
That's it! Thanks all for all your efforts.

You can do this without calling the Call Queue.
From the "Calls" Screen in Teams...

1. On the far right, click the "+" next to "Contact groups"
2. Enter the email address of the Resource Account being used by the Call Queue
3. Click "Create"