Speed dial and saved contacts disappearing in Teams calls section

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I have a bit of a complicated problem where my speed dials and saved contacts are disappearing from Teams "calls" section.


The contacts and speed dials mentioned appear again as intended when I sign-in again to the app. The problem started last week.


I have removed Teams from the computer and installed it again and checked that it has the most recent version updated.


Any suggestions?

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I have exactly the same issue with my saved contacts in Speed Dial disappearing.  They only come back once I have logged out and back into Teams.. but then disappear again..



Also having the same issue


Same here, it doesn't seem to load at all for me.


Tried resetting the Teams Desktop app but its still missing.

@AleksiBe Hi, having the same issue for the last couple of weeks.  Restart Teams and they are back, but randomly disappear during the day.  Anyone have any idea how to fix this yet?  Thanks.

@AleksiBe I also have this as a multi user issue - where are MS when you need them. 

Agreed! I am opening a support ticket with MS Partner Support as I believe it is obvious that this is happening to many users. If the find the issue and resolve the problem I will post it here.

@AleksiBe Having the same issue here.  Going to try reinstalling Teams.

Reinstalling did not solve the problem.  

@AleksiBe  We are also seeing this issue.  A reset of Teams didn't help and it's still present.  Only way to get them back is to sign out and sign back into Teams.  Any response from Microsoft?


I have just completed two days of troubleshooting with Microsoft and no issue was uncovered.

We left the ticket agreeing that I would uninstall the local copy of Teams on my PC (If the issue recurred).

If it does recurr (which I suspect it will) and I re-install and it fixes the issue I will let you guys know.. 


Of course you could just go ahead and reinstall and see for yourselves.  I may not get to this for a while..


Do you see the issue in the browser version, or only in the app?

If only in the app, and an app reset, and/or reinstall does not fix it, then that would suggest a bug in the app, which only Microsoft can fix.

@Rob Ellis Only in app, our organization doesn't use the web based version.  We have tried reinstalling the program to no avail.  Waiting on a response from Microsoft on this one.

Same here, seversal users affected

@Rob Ellis, Yes only happens randomly on the app and also happens after having re-installed the app. 

Issue does not happen on the Web app.

Same here, already opened a ticket and provided different logs without getting any hint to a solution. The problem appears on VDI as well as on physical Desktops.
Reinstall doesn't solve it, at least it didn't for me - I've tried previously. Good Luck!

@JMaaske Seems to be a problem with the web based app for us as well.


 Possible Fix:  We have been moving employees from SFB online to Teams using PowerShell.  This issue starting showing up a week or so ago.  By pure chance we ran the PS command a second time on the users which seems to fix the issue.  My contacts were disappearing very often during the day but now they have been fine for about 24 hours.  Here is the Teams admin script we are re-running, just tweak to your company.  Hope it helps:

Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -Identity -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams

WARNING: Users with this policy will become full Teams-only users. They will no longer be able to use Skype for Business clients, except to join Skype for Business meetings. For details, see


Unfortunately this didn't solve our problem.