Specific email address no waiting for approval in webinar

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How to set specific email address or ID waiting for approval at webinar virtual lobby. Thanks!

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@Anderson_Ma2385 Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not questions on individual products or services. 


I'm afraid I don't know where to redirect your question - which webinar are you speaking of? Perhaps I can help you find support for it. 

Hi, I meet a issue on teams' webinar. When I set a webinar, I want to set specific email address or ID who they are no need to wait for my approval at virtual lobby during webinar meeting. It would be very appreciated if you could help guide me the support. Thanks a lot!

@Anderson_Ma2385 Absolutely! Now that I understand you are talking about Microsoft Teams, I'll move this post to the Microsoft Teams discussion space on Tech Community where hopefully experts can help you. 

Please post any future Microsoft Teams posts to the Teams discussion space.


Thank you!

Hi Eric, sorry to bother you. Any advise to encourage feedback to my question by using teams. Thanks.
Unfortunately, I don't have any advice along those lines. Sorry about that.

Since this seems like it might be a support question, have you tried reaching out to the Microsoft support community?
Thanks for the review to respond.