SPAM Groups in MS Teams

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When i open MS Teams under my name i see some groups that i do not recognize, i believe they are spam. is there a way to remove them or see if anyone has come across this, i have remove and install teams and also went to the web version but i still see the same issue.. See the Screenshots below. any ideas or comments please let me know thanks. 

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Not sure how they can be spam. Unless a spammer has access to your tenant, which would be unusual and bad.

I suspect that someone else added you to some Teams. Or that your organization has some Teams set for certain people automatically be a member of.

You can try to unjoin them.

The thing is I never accepted it or have any emails on it. Just appeared on teams recently and I can’t seem to remove it.
Sounds like admin created groups then. Check with your admins.
Ok, it’s a personal teams account
The screenshots are related to other Teams orgs where you have been added that actually makes sense. Those are not Teams, just other Teams orgs and you can left them by means of the settings options you have in the Teams client
I just came across this.
I created a personal teams account only to join a meeting for a job interview some time ago.
I just opened up teams again, and I was in a group titled along the lines of "Boobs Here. Click here for BOOBS". I deleted it, but I could not find any button to report the group as spam.