Sorting files in Teams

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As stated in at least one other post on this forum which was originally posted in 2017(!!!!!) it is still not fixed by Microsoft!

If you have a Teams instance you get an office365 connected group, Sharepoint site and a document library, etc.

Within our large organization it is a real nuisance that although files are sorted alphabetically in the connected SharePoint library Teams just keeps on sorting the docs on the last modified date. This just doesn’t makes sense!

In some use cases people benefit from the sorting on last modified date but this is a contextual thing. Let’s say I am working on a document and after that I want to sent a mail and attach a document to that mail you can easily make the assumption that I want to be able to quickly share the file I just worked on... Fine...

But when accessing an (extensive) document library this isn’t the case. People are just looking for a certain document and at that moment the default last modified sorting option makes that navigation quite a nuisance!! A team should be capable of sorting their document library in any way they find most helpful!

Please fix this! I just can’t understand why this minor adjustment isn’t fixed already since it has beenmode three years when it was reported here...
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Totally agree...a possible workaround I have not personally tried could be to modify the default view in the document library and see if Teams respect the ordering defined there
Hi Juan, I tried that but unfortunately that didn’t work. Neither did adjusting the view (alphabetical) in Teams, saving that view in Teams and SharePoint.

Within the connected Document Library on the SP site it worked fine but within Teams the files keep on being sorted by Last modified date....

The lack of alphabetical sorting makes these files & folders almost useless.