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I've read a number of forum posts that state this is not possible. That's more than a little confusing, given that here on the forum, new conversations are on top and then the conversation itself runs with the newest conversation at the bottom. I like Teams and appreciate what it gives me and my coworkers, but it makes itself more difficult to use than it should. Please add this. Looking through the forums and general search history, it's not an uncommon request. 




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This request is posted on the teams uservoice and has been declined!

I would suggest to vote for it anyway, cause they might think about this again if the number of votes go up!


@LSNCM the logic is that Teams is a chat tool rather than a forum. In a chat tool you expect to be writing a new message at the bottom and then see a history of messages above that, like WhatsApp, Slack, iMessage etc. You still scroll downwards as your view starts at the oldest unread message.


Alerts are shown in newest->oldest should be keeping you informed about anything addressed to you, when you are visiting a channel you are expected to be wanting to see all the activity since you lasted visited.




@Steven Collier I don't know about yours, but my iMessage shows most recent conversations first, and once expanded and/or opened, each new message is at the bottom. Same with the forum here. That's the standard for very chat program I've every used, from ICQ and AIM on. 


@adam deltinger Done! I saw that before I posted and couldn't believe that the developers took two years to decline it. The logic that has been presented here and elsewhere is pretty faulty, in my mind. Ah well.


@LSNCM as does the chat area within Teams.


I assume you are referring to channel conversations, these are considered a single thread rather than a series of conversations, there's no separate view of conversations only, so the thread is oldest to newest.

(Sorry late to the party) But Stephen, they are a series of conversation in the channels and not one long conversation, hence the ability to 'reply' in the individual posts.

Seems like some wires are getting crossed.

The entire Conversations UI needs to be flipped; put the "new Conversation" field at the top and sort the conversations so the newest appear at the top.


I would at least like the option to set it up like this. Too many people think it's a chatroom and just start new conversations when they should be replying.


@Steven Collier 


I think it is extremely short sighted to think of Teams conversations as just chats. If you had the ability to sort / filter / search by date / person / subject / keywords, Teams would be even more useful than it currently is. Being able to quickly find those nuggets of ideas / problems / solutions to whatever the team is mandated to work on days or weeks after the conversations happened, is where the gold is in this tool in my opinion. Comparing to WhatsApp/Slack is selling Teams short.  


Teams seemed to be aspiring to much more than chat. I hope the product team change their mind on this point. They should be shooting higher... 



@Renato_DeGasperis Search is very effective in Teams, type something in to the box at the top of the screen then use the filter funnel to narrow your results. See ...




This thread is about people asking to change the default order that messages appear in a channel, not search and filtering.


@adam deltinger Actually, given that the request has been declined, it is no longer possible to vote for it.


There is a workaround that one can click in the Conversations pane and press the End key. Not ideal, I know, but faster than scrolling.


I agree How hard can it be to switch the order around.  If everyone wants that feature? @AlexH980 


@Renato_DeGasperis @Steven Collier 


Totally agree that the order is backwards for conversations. It actually makes the whole conversation component of Team Channels almost un-useable. I have been considering asking our sales team to start using Teams and Channels - Now, I won't. No one will use it. Here is a sample of why it won't work. One of my channels is "Promotions". Since you list the oldest conversation first I have to scroll (or END key) to get to the current promotion conversation. Bad news - people won't use it.



@LSNCM I really feel you, in the company company I work for, I have used:




and now TEAMS


All of them have their pros and cons, while TEAMS have a lot of useful tools, seems like is being made for a different purpose than the other mentioned tools.

Zulip would be very Slack if it only had threads, Flowdock notifications are not very trusty. When my company announced TEAMS as official tool (Slack being my favorite) I said wow this is going to be next level. I have been using it for a month now and I'm convinced TEAMS is not my favorite after all of the user petitions being declined. All of the things I'm looking for and I'm missing in TEAMS, I go and look for a HOW TO and I end up in a microsoft forum, where some else already looked for it and requested for it... and it has been in backlog for 2 years or declined already. 


I cant even send a message to myself in teams!

Custom emojis? In backlog for years and for sure will be declined.

I cannot set the messages to my preference order, old to new, new to old. When I want to look for history it's very difficult in an agile environment, even if using search most of the IT stuff in those channels is dev gibberish. Why DECLINED?


The image attached includes a very useful and common tool for the users visiting this website, it's FREE to the public and they can re-order things. Why TEAMS cannot?


I'm really trying to do the TEAMS way, looking for the "oh! this is how things should have been all the time" but struggling, I think the others tools figured it out with much less army.

Guys please don't be LUMIA with TEAMS. 






I am new to TEAMS and am annoyed that the conversations are sorted newest at the bottom. Even more irritating is that there is no way to reveres it. A practical application should include a rather simple and predictable preference for a business if you as a developer are in touch with business professionals.

If I want to minimize my teams window so I only see new messages I cant do it in the current format. As I reduce the size of the window the the newest message at the bottom disappear, therefore to have chat window open to see newest messages the window has to be expanded which then has the conversations all the clutter. Aaarrrggghhh!


@Steven Collier  Students who've used other platforms such as Edmodo will be lost if the most recent information is not at the top.  I've repeatedly had students ask why the most recent information is not at the top.  This also matches with their email formats that we require, where the most recent email is at the top.  In a school situation, the "Post" feature/section serves to allow for discussions and it is important to have the most recent easy to find. 

Thank you, 

Mrs. Lozano



Nice solution @ingdl


 @Steven Collier WhatsApp shows the most recent message in view. It isn't "below the fold" like in Teams requiring you to scroll down to text that isn't visible. This is communications/interface design 101.




100%,   So I ask, instead of debating which is better, why can they not give us, the user/Customer/the ones that ultimately pay the salaries of everyone at Microsoft, the ability to choose which orientation to have?


a simple button, like sort order in MS Excel  options:

1.   Newest on top

2.   Oldest on top


and for something exceeding extra special...

3.    Search for _____________________



Just Saying......




@FeaterX-International I agree totally.  Having been a product manage in the past, there is enough momentum behind this request that it should be given some consideration instead of being dismissed out of hand because some developer thinks it's not necessary.  The posts are already time stamped.  How hard can it be?


@Steven Collier


Searching is one thing, and yes it is pretty good, however without sorting not as effective or efficient. 

Trying to search through chats oldest to newest really limits the product. There are alot of other good features, but trying to use chats to catalog  / search conversations is not one of them.