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I am trying to move a copy of a file from the original folder to a newly created folder.  Both in the Teams app and the Web version I get an error "Sorry, we ran into a problem. :warning:" and nothing more.  Bottomline I can't move the file.


I am a guest user and do not have subscription.  I have tried logging out and logging back in and this has not helped.

Is there an error log that will help me figure out why I can't move the file?  
Any ideas why?
Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

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@brainstewn Difficult to say, what if you go to the underlying SharePoint site as a 'workaround'?


From the menu bar



Top right corner ...



@brainstewn I found another thread while dealing with the same issue. Make sure your file name does not have % in it. It seems there is a bug preventing these filenames from being moved.