Sorry we couldn't find... Is it possible it was moved, renamed, or deleted?

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When I try to open any Word document within one particular folder in Onedrive, I get the message below.


This does not happen with any other folder within Onedrive


This is a folder located in Onedrive, and this only happens to this particular folder with this file name.


I've noticed that when I change the folders file name, it allows me to open any Word document within that folder, but when I change the folders file name back, it does not allow me to open any Word document.


I'm also receiving this message below



Can someone please help me with this problem?



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It might be the total length of the file name + path. So If you use a shorter file name and/or shorter folder name it might work. 


/Linus Cansby

@Linus Cansby Our whole company relies on complex paths with many folders to easily classify every file we work on. Since we moved from a local server to OneDrive we experience issues constantly, especially the one that the original poster mentioned. Is there nothing else we can do?



I think you need to clear Add-ins that connected with this file.


File -> Option -> Add-ins -> Manage: Excel Add-ins GO ->Clear Check Of Add-ins that connected with File.


we clear it you will receive a message that the file is not allocated and the selected item will clear from the checklist.



@Linus Cansby 

Hi, I'm having trouble changing the path of the file. Initially, my file was in a shared network folder, automatically syncing to One Drive online.

When I edited the file and tried data Refresh it said that refresh is not possible.

So, I changed the file location to different folder on my desktop and tried refreshing the data and now it gives me the error "Sorry, we couldn't...…."

I tried to save the file with different name in a new location. It still gives me the same error.

Please help.


Thank you.


@leob165 Did you ever find a resolution or workaround? We just moved our company from an on-prem network drive to SharePoint and are starting to run into a lot of issues like this. We also have a deepfolder structure, and in all fairness entirely longer folder names than we should.

We have tried both mapping the drive and syncing and they both have the same issues. Opening from a web browser is fine, but our users crave the browsing from Explorer. 

@JohnKingcannon and those who are having problems, HOW did you get your files and folder structures up to the cloud? We tried using OneDrive and Teams to Sharepoint and that proved problematic (We have 100's thousands of files and GB of data.)
We then turned to the Sharepoint Migration Tool (
and that solved many problems for us. We also use the pre-migration scan tool to find any files and folders with potential problems and we go clean those up before we migrate.

For those that have already done this, do you still have your original server? Might be worth it for some to try and re-migrate with this. This obviously won't work for everyone, but it might help some.

This worked perfectly for me. Thanks.

I tried to get into one of my excel file and a message came up saying " Sorry we couldn't find the file it possibly was moved, renamed or deleted. Why is this happening


Thanks, this solved my problem.
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For anyone coming to this post there is some more information which is pertinent.


In this case Linus is likely correct about the character limit however character limits for OneDrive can be very misleading. From the post below you can see that while OneDrive has a 400 character limit for file paths/names, if you are accessing the OneDrive files through the OneDrive client and windows explorer this is still limited to 260 characters. Furthermore if you are attempting to open an excel 2016 file for instance, you are limited to 218 characters.


If you are coming from a local server or drive with a top level address of "E:\" and move to a OneDrive location that starts with "OneDrive - XXXX Sever\" then you have added a lot of characters to the file path which may generate this issue.


This PathScan tool as a great tool to check the length of a file including the files name.


Also be aware of character restrictions in file names as these are not the same in OneDrive or OneDrive for Business as the are in a traditional Windows explorer environment.





Im still experiencing this issue. nothing was checkmarked under add-ins.