Some users cannot change/set their user photo/avatar (1 year trial of Teams w/out Exchange Online)

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We're running into something odd. For some reason, two users are able to change the profile photo in Teams, but the rest (small test group of people) cannot. The "change picture" link is not available for most users.

From the two users that can change their picture, one is a global admin (me) and the other is a regular user.

Does anyone know how to have it available for everyone?

Keep in mind we're running the 1-year trial of Teams which does not include Exchange Online. Thus, there's no policy set to restrict users to change their picture.


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Yeah exchange is required for the photo as it all pulls from there. Is that one user have a mailbox for some reason? Go check exchange admin center and see.

I checked and neither my global admin account or the other regular user account that is able to change his picture have a an Exchange mailbox or license. Furthermore, there aren't any Exchange licenses trial or not available in my tenant. I don't even have access to the Exchange admin console.


I also talked to support but they were no help. I kept getting prompted to purchases in order for the feature to work. The fact that some users can change their picture and others can't doesn't make sense.

I was also asked to collect the logs by running some skype for business powershell comands, but I don't have a skype for business license, so I can't run the commands.

Did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue.
Not while I was in the trial. We eventually purchased licenses and it started to work. One thing I did notice after everyone in my tenant being licensed is that when a user updates the photo in Teams, other users don't see the updated photo right away. I believe it has to do with the cache not being refreshed in the Teams app. After signing out of the Teams app and signing back in (or deleting the Teams cache) the photos were updated for that user.