Some URLs will NOT transform into a clickable link when entered in a text field?

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Hi, I am having troubling coaxing the editor of a text field into tranforming a URL into a clickable link.


The following is an example of such a link:​​


Apparently it will briefly recognize it as a URL (the text will be rendered bold), but in the end it is stored as normal text, i.e. like so: forcing the reader to copy / paste the URL to a browser to actually open it.


Is there some way to force a string to be recognized as a URL?

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Thanks for giving Microsoft Teams a try @Marcel Domingus!


URL links should always be recognized as clickable links in compose. Could you share a little bit more details on how the link is getting lost?

- are you copying and pasting the link from a different app or typing it out?

- are you using Windows or Mac desktop app?


Thanks in advance!

Hi. @Darya Valchonak, I am copy/pasting the link (straight from a Youtube page, i.e. ). It makes no difference if I paste to Teams in a browser or in the Windows app.


When I MANUALLY enter the URL it actually IS recognized as a clickable link. Also if I paste over an already recognized (as link) URL the pasted URL will also be recognized as a clickable link (I am using this as a workaround now).


It appears as if  'complex' URL (i.e. with query parameters) are more prone to recognization failure than simple URLs, like .

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Hi, @Darya Valchonak, I have saved the contents of my text field, cleared the text field and then re-pasted the content. Now all links are properly recognized.


If you are the one who has fixed this, thanks :-)!

That was not me, but I glad your issue is resolved! Please don't hesitate to update this thread if you see it again

Hello, we're experiencing this issue too.

Using Flow to watch a youtube channel and then send the link into a teams channel, the link isn't clickable.

If I edit the message and copy and paste the URL, it becomes clickable, but when it's delivered from flow as a dynamic content object it seems to arrive as text.


Any comments or feedback welcome



I have a similar scenario: When colleagues "call" in sick they are supposed to fill out a form in MS Forms that goes into a SPO list via a flow. These fields in turn are supposed to go into a MS Teams channel. In that Message I not only want to have the information from the SPO list but also a direct link to the element. This allows HR not only to be notified but also to make appropraite changes to the element (i.e. info entered into the shift schedule). Having a clickable link delivered from a flow would certainly make our lives a little easier.

I'm having a similar issue. I'm using Flow on an RSS feed to publish a message to Teams however the URL comes though just as plain text and is not clickable




When I create the same information manually the url appears as expected.teams-correct.jpg

I'm coming across the exact same issue, using a flow message containig a URL vs entering text manually.

I have the same problem.  So pathetic that Microsoft can't even do something as simple as allowing an RSS feed to come into a team channel.  

Have ya'll tried to use the URL shortcut in Teams with your Flows? 

So to put a link or text Clickable in Teams you surround it do [Words to use](URL) no quotes around URL. See if that might pick it up and encode it coming in? So you could do [Youtube Vid Name]( worth a shot...

Never mind, save your time, I tried this myself and can reproduce it and my suggestion doesn't work :(. 

BOOM. Figured it out guys. 


Create your flow and warp a <a href="URL">URLName</a> in your flow and you will get URL linkage in Teams :). 





Also @Alex Elium why wouldn't you just use the built in RSS connector in the channel? Teams can do RSS......

When you use the built in RSS connector, it takes you to Flow

Most of the connectors are the same ones from flow and everywhere else it seems. Anyway you’ll just have to construct it from the properties in HTML for the Teams post

Didn't get a clickable link.  Just got, verbatim:  mbed OS 5.6.3 released <a href="URL"></a>


Ironically, this message board is even turning this text into a link

Did you put the URL in where it says URL as well...?

you must not be using the same actions or something. Can you screenshot your message posting flow.