Some Presenters are unable to join the Teams Live Event (they automatically join as an attendee)

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I have run several Teams Live Events but have experienced a number of instances where the presenter is unable to join. They click on the Purple 'Join Live Event' link and automatically join as an attendee (with no option to present). All they see is the message 'This Live Event hasn't started yet'. I know in the past we have had firewall issues with some of our presenters which can only be helped by their IT.


However, I have a presenter who is using their home office, personal email address & device, AND accessing via the Teams App and she is still automatically joining as an attendee when she clicks on the Purple 'Join Live Event' link (no option to present). I can't see what would be stopping her from joining as a Presenter.


Would you be able to advise how we get around this? TIA!



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Hi! Unless the presenter have an AAD account, they need to be a guest in your tenant in order to be a presenter. In this case you mentioned it was a personal account. Just create a team- invite the person to the team so a guest account is created ( if guest access is enabled) then invite the guest account as a presenter to the live event! Type the email address and it should say “Guest” after!
Then the person needs to accept the invite by clicking the accept link in the mail that gets sent out. After this, the next time the presenter log into Teams there is an option to switch to your organization in the top right corner. After doing this he/she can click the joining link and enter as a presenter

I know this could be a bit of a hassle but it works. There are improvements to this coming