[SOLVED] Unable to Cancel Teams Channel Meeting despite restore

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[UPDATE] - a little more patience seems to have resolved the issue. Seems something on the back end takes time to re-establish connectivity. 


How to cancel a restored recurring meeting?
I deleted a channel with a reoccurring meeting in. Upon restore however, the meeting is no longer valid within the channel and I am unable to cancel the series. 
From Teams Calendar, it is still a valid meeting with all previous recordings and discussions included. 
However, I can cancel it for myself in Outlook, but I would like to cancel it for all members (100+ people) which is not possible. It claims I am the organiser:


When opening the series via Teams Calendar I see this at the top, and the channel is not listed (just the parent team group) 


When opening from the restored channel I get this: 

Deleting the channel does not delete the event. Please help. 

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