SOLUTION: Microsoft Teams multiple accounts (second account)

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1) "Win + I" => Accounts => Other Users => Add someone else to this PC (for example, user without Microsoft account named MSTeams, not Administrator)
2) "Ctrl + Alt + Del" => Switch user
3) Login to second MSTeams user
4) Download and install MSTeams
5) Login to the MSTeams using an account with less activity and close application
6) Ctrl + Alt + Del => Switch user
7) Return to your main account
8) Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ and find cmd.exe
9) Click "Shift + Right Mouse" and chose "Run as different user" (find in google how to add it if you don't have this option)
10) Login with MSTeams user
11) Write following command in the console
12) C:\Users\MSTeams\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe --processStart "Teams.exe"

To run MSTeams again repeat following steps
8) Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ and find cmd.exe
9) Click "Shift + Right Mouse" and chose "Run as different user" (find in google how to add it if you dont have this option)
10) Login with MSTeams user
11) Write following command in the console
12) C:\Users\MSTeams\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe --processStart "Teams.exe"


This steps can be optimized by PowerShell script:
#run as admin
if (!([Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal][Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).IsInRole([Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltInRole] "Administrator")) { Start-Process powershell.exe "-NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File `"$PSCommandPath`"" -Verb RunAs; exit }

$username = '.\MSTeams'

$securePassword = ConvertTo-SecureString $password -AsPlainText -Force
$credential = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential $username, $securePassword
Start-Process 'C:\Users\MSTeams\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\Update.exe' '--processStart "Teams.exe"' -Credential $credential


Also, you can add this script to the windows scheduler with log in to account trigger with admin permission

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If someone wants to help, please create more detailed instructions with screenshots or videos and I update this post with more details.




Nifty work around but It’s so much easier to open chrome with a 2nd profile with your credentials saved ;p. And or downloading and using franz!

@Chris Webb 


Yes, I agree that it is not simple, but it is the best way for me, someone can create more detailed instructions with screenshots and videos. I hope that it helps resolve this problem for some people. 
I using this solution for 2 months and it cost only 1 hour to configure all. Now second Teams app runs when I log in to my windows user and it work better that Chrome. 



And what about desktop screen sharing (or PowerPoint document or window of some app) with Chrome, it is possible?

Also, some organizations are not allowed to use external software on your device, so I would not like to use franz because it might create some security issues hypothetically.



@ivan6932 HI -- very creative but utter nonsense ... FIX THE APP -- slack can do this !

@DJLAD  - So right, I have five organisations using Teams (2 Voluntary, My University, Employer and and Industry Group) I can use multiple 1 drive accounts but not Teams. MS need to get up with the game wit this tool and realise that people belong to multiple organisations.

@RayPi- same here; two of my organisations use Teams (along with WebEx, Slack, oneDrive, SharePoint, etc.). Teams is the only one where I have this issue. Both identities show up on the Windows desktop and web apps, but both apps freeze and/or default to the 'more actvity' identity when I try to switch. If I try to log in at startup to the 'less activity' one, I get "You don't have access to this org in Teams. Select another org, or contact your admin for more details." This is untrue and unhelpful. How do I know this? Switching is fine on the Android version of Teams. If MS isn't going to let us switch, what is the point of providing a dropdown suggesting that I can?

Solution? That's a hacky workaround that won't work on anything but Windows. :( Thanks for the effort, I guess.

@ivan6932  the article has been so helpful, and here are the screenshots. 

@ivan6932This solution worked for me. Thank you.


Hello I got a positive surprise today. I am using Teams with my organisation. This week i received a Teams invitation from a different organisation. on my apple macbook pro Teams App i received and accepted it. with this simple procedure I am logged in through the one Teams APP on the Macbook and I can switch very simple between the two organisations. I have next to my login initials on the top right a small drop down list of the two organisations and can easily switch. It did not happen on my Microsoft Laptop and I do not see any function how I can add myself a second or third organisation to which I already belong. But that invite initiated from the other organisation did actually exactly what I was looking for. Using on Teams App on the computer with multiple accounts being logged in at the same time.

Any idea if thats working only on the Teams App for Apple - or how someone could add a third organisation that he / she belongs too??

Hey @Jofae
If you have Teams on an android device (have not tried apple) you will notice this functionality to add another account and switch between them as you described above is available (without being invited by another org). Unfortunately it is only available on the mobile version and not yet implemented in the desktop version. Hopefully we will see it soon though

Agree with @DJLAD We need to allow colleagues in our sister organisations to join Teams and it is impossible to ask users to jump through these kinds of hoops to do it. Frankly, we resort to using Zoom whenever we have to collaborate, which is a real shame as it would be so much more convenient to do it all in the same shared platform. Microsoft Teams is really missing a trick here.

@Natalie HarzicAll depends on the meaning of 'collaborate'. I can invite people from other organisations (or none) to join calls, but they are not 'members' of Teams and cannot therefore participate in Chats, see/add files, etc. As for me, I can see my teams etc. from each of my 3 Teams-using organisations, but only separately, with a major headache to switch from one login to another. This may have something to do with the way my University manages device-level security, but no-one seems to know.

@ivan6932 Couldn't you run it as multiple users by using Run As Different User on the Microsoft Teams executable?

Hi @htmlcssjs @ivan6932 


Since this conversation was posted, Teams now has the ability to switch accounts by clicking on the photo



Thanks @ThereseSolimeno. This looks like progress. I cannot see this feature in my Teams environment (desktop or web) yet, but I will keep a look out for it. We are in the UK. I have switched on Developer and Public preview mode, so hopefully we will see that soon.

@Natalie HarzicThanks both - I am in UK too, and will keep an eye out for this to show up. I'm just a user, so I cannot turn on the developer preview mode...



Looking good. may I ask from what version this picture was taken from? I do have preview version and i cant find it...xD