Skype (not for Business) to Teams

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Hi all,


It can be there is aleady an answer but I couldn´t find it so far.

In my company it has been used Skype (not for Business) for many years, so, all my colleagues here have several contacts saved, especially contacts from external companies. 

Now we wanted to start using Teams, but the problem is, how to import all those contacts into Teams ?



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AFAIK theres No way of doing this

Skype used to have an export to file feature for contacts in advanced somewhere. You can look around for that. If you can get it to a file you can probably import the contacts in your local Outlook/Exchange Online contacts through Outlook. Then they will be available in your Call tab. But right now, the only thing it uses or carries into the Calls tab is contacts with valid phone numbers, so for chatting this won't work.

Also these contacts cannot be used anyway for chatting from Teams to Skype since it is not supported and will not work(yet).