skype credit payment query

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Hello Teams Community


Please i need your help on this issue


We are still unable to pay this by our visa credit card, and still looking into getting a Mastercard.


Can you please confirm if we can pay this by invoice or direct debit rather than by card like the other Microsoft services? 


We started having this issue since around the start of March, before then the visa card used to work fine.


We have been in touch with support before as per the attached email. Just want to know if we can pay another way like direct debit.



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Hey IBN,
As this is a community environment, I doubt anyone here will be able to "confirm" what you ask.
I would suggest reaching out to your MSFT account team (if you have one) or MSFT reseller-partner (if you have one). If you have neither, i would suggest reaching out to "help & support" using the button on your billing page in your admin center.

Sorry i can't be of any better assistance here.