single chat to guest (external user vs guest)

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In tenant contoso.com I have a guest user named myname@fabrika.com 

When users of Contoso start a new chat to myname@fabrika.com  they find two contacts:

- one myname@fabrika.com as an external user

- one myname@fabrika.com as a guest

If contoso users chat to myname@fabrika.com as an external users, then myname@fabrika.com receives the message in its tenant.

If contoso users chat to myname@fabrika.com as a guest, then myname@fabrika.com DOESN 'T receive the message in its tenant, but in a new chat in fabrika tenant: The user myname@fabrika.com must switch tenant to see the chat.


Is it normal? 

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External user and guest user is not the same..
External user is someone outside your organization which is why sendings a chat to the external account ends up in this users org!
A guest account is an account created in your own Azure AD! For teams this means you’ve invited this user to join your team inside your org! This also means that to participate and view chats , the user needs to switch over to your organization teams to view and collaborate!
They should get a notification in the upper right corner of their teams client logged in to their org account, that there’s a chat in your org!

External user and guest user is not the same (ok) but it's the same person and the same account.

I know that guest user is an account inside my organization, but keeping them separate for one-to-one chat is really confusing people.

And no, "guest user" doesn't receive a notification in the upper right corner of their teams client,  "guest user" receive it only after switching tenant

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