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I am being asked if it is possible to have simultaneous login to multiple devices such as teams client on Windows Pc and a Physical handset? I have been doing the usual searches but not finding any answers, any help much appreciated

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@DwightShrute Absolutely. I am always logged in on multiple devices.

thanks Magnus, are you able to explain in more detail how it works and what needs setting up if anything?
Nothing specific that needs to be setup. You log on to the Teams Client with Your M365-account and you can log in to the Teams app on a mobile phone with the same account then you are logged in on both devices. If you start/join a Teams meeting on your Teams client you can also e.g. transfer the meeting to your mobile and continue there.
I realised I haven't worded the question very well. What I meant to say, can you log into say the Windows Client and it auto logs into the physical handset. In other words login once and then all your devices are logged in simultaneously
hey @DwightShrute,
There are really no settings for this. You simply should be able to log into devices while logged in on your desktop(s). However, one setting in your organization that could be relevant is the Number of devices per user. you can find this in AAD >> Devices >> Device settings.
on the same page, you can disable MFA for device logons, which again can simplify life ;)

All this being said, a company could use conditional access rules to prevent you from doing the above, so make sure to verify no conditional access policy is actively blocking you.
Aha :) Then the answer is no.
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Hey Dwight,
The answer to this one is no, you cannot.
With SfB there used to be BToE (Better Together over Ethernet) to do the auto logon amongst other features, but this is not part of Teams.

However, if you logon to, for instance, your desktop phone; you can select it to auto lock when you are not close to it, and auto-unlock when you are. This is done using BToBT (Better Together over Bluetooth). Simply pair your teams client with the desktop one, or with your mobile phone, and select auto lock. Works like a charm :)
great answer many thanks