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I work as a IT technician in an accounting firm. We use Teams as a collaborative working tool. Our accounting software automatically creates team sites where our colleagues upload accounting documents, some colleagues have over 1400 sites.


Since late October, I've noticed a surge in incident tickets due to significant slowness in Teams whenever colleagues navigate their team sites. We've observed an increase in these cases since the transition to version Unfortunately, updating to the new Teams version hasn't resolved the issue.


The CPU and RAM usage spikes significantly when colleagues attempt to navigate within the teams.

Has anyone encountered this problem before?

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welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Recep I'll be happy to help you today.

I understand that a user in your organization is having significant slowdown in teams whenever they navigate to their team sites.


in order to assist you further on this issue, I will like you to try to reproduce same issue on the web and revert with the behavior, if the web seems to work fine, kindly try clearing teams' cache and try to un-install and install teams afresh and you will be fine.

Kindly follow the process below in clearing the team's cache

1.Close Microsoft Teams completely. 

2. Press the Windows key + R, then type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and hit Enter.

3. Delete all the files and folders in the folder that appears.


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We have already tried to switch to the Teams web client, but it does not solve the problem.
We also cleared the cache in the Teams client, but without success.

Hello@Pop_Hip ,


Thank you very much for your response. Please proceed to un-install teams and install a new team and if that does not work, I will advise you raise a ticket with Microsoft for further assistance.