Sign up to Teams fails

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I am getting an error while trying to sign up for Teams:


CV: f6oc2B1LMka7kDkx.1.4
SID: 2ce487f5-4c7e-412b-945d-5888de8a4352
CID: c0ee484d-0628-4b36-bd23-6bb9d38d021a
Error Code: OfferNotAllowedForTenant

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Will you explain your steps doing this? Are you in a tenant or are you signing up for the free version?

Hello Adam,


I'm signing up for the Free version.


I get this error upon the first step ('Let's set up your account') after entering my email address.

Is your address associated with any other office 365 service? Try use any other address and see if you can get passed the error message

Currently, my address is only associated with my Office 2016 subscription (nothing in particular of Office 365).


Trying the signup now, I'm redirected to[redacted...]


with the message


Refresh the page or try again in a little while. An error occurred and we couldn't load the page.

CV: BlYcLhIJM02KdL3z.1

Please open up a inprivAte browser window or use guest account in chrome and try again!

Many thanks for the help thus far!


The problem remains, in particular what happens now is after entering the live credentials (email/password in step 1 'Let's set up your account' - in the 'Thank you for choosing Microsoft Teams (free)' page) I am redirected to]


and still on step 1, now the message 'Something went wrong, Please try again.' message is displayed underneath 'Let's set up your account'.

I have a problem with Ms teams