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My problem is that I tried Microsoft Teams with a Free tier (Sign up for free) several month ago when Microsoft released the Free option - in order to try out it's features, etc. So I created an organisation for testing and everything worked well. I used a personal Microsoft account (ending in ) to sign up for free in Microsoft Teams and to create the organisation.


Yesterday I have decided that is enough testing and I deleted the organisation in order to create a new one. However after that I deleted it, I just could not create a new one (Sign up for free did not work anymore).

The problem: I go on the page, than I chose the "Sign up for free" button, than I give my personal Microsoft Account (just like I did several month ago), than I give my password, and than after a few minutes waiting I get this message:

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Have you considered just signing up for a different Microsoft personal account and going that route? You can have more than one.

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I have the same thing. Would like to keep a single MS account and not create an additional one. Hope there is someone out there who can advise on how to get the existing MS account fixed for Free Teams.


Had a further look and the issue must be related to the fact that somehow I do not have an admin user on the Azure AD any more, which is likely caused by having no 'organisation' available anymore of which admin user can be present. > Azure Active Directory > All users | No users found

Error message: Unable to complete due to service connection error, please try again later.


I guess your best bet is contacting Microsoft on their support line and try sort this out

@adam deltinger 

Thanks. Not sure if I can call support as I don't have a paid account. Trying through > direct message.

Correct, but there’s the ordinary support line
Hmm. Ok had a thought.

This article explains how to delete a free Teams account

I can see you logged into Azure AD via Can you login to this panel - If you can, can you go to admin > billing and see the subscription and it’s status?

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