Sign language interpreters and Screen Sharing

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I had a problem beacause sign language interpreters were very small layout than screen sharing was very large. I had study and see interpreters for 4 hours. My Eye was very dry and tired. I wish how I could adjust interpreters to be same size as screen sharing. But it was not working.

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Hi @MBuergi  Please review the Best Response in this prior post and see if it solves your issue: Sign language interpreters in Teams - Microsoft Tech Community

@Therese_SolimenoThanks for reply. But this's not solved. I sent you a screenshot of me and ms teams. Between Interpreter or Screen Sharing are same small and large. It can't "Flex".



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I am glad to inform you that there is now a solution for Sign Language interpretation in Teams! KUDO is a solution that has been designed exactly for that!
Microsoft & KUDO have just released it for all Teams users to access live interpretation, including sign languages interpretation. The SL interpreter is not joining as a participant anymore, but access an interpreter role and is always visible for all attendees that need SL.
Here is a short video that says it all:

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to know more/test the solution: claire @ kudoway . com
Thanks for Reply. I'm glad for you informed me. KUDO is cool and new for me. But interpreter window is small and not flexible enough for zoom. Is that right? I really hope I can change setting for "Window can be Small or Large" I will contact you if KUDO will look better and good for deaf people. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: