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I am planning to use Microsoft Teams more in the next future. I have a free Office 365 account and use it regularly. I downloaded Teams on my iPad and it automatically signed in with my Office 365 credentials. I am now trying to use the macOS app and it will not let me sign in with the same credentials. It asks me to sign up for Teams - at the bottom of the page it tells me to "check my email for a link to start using Microsoft Teams" but I have not received anything.


I don't want to sign in and have two separate accounts, I would like to use the same one I have on my iPad, across all devices.


Thank you in advance for your help

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Hi @Chicc565   What happens if you sign in using a browser?  Is the issue just with the app?

@ThereseSolimeno  It signs me in with no trouble !! . . . it's really strange . . . I even restarted the computer to see if it was an app problem . . .