Showing one Person's Video in Group Meeting

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I am using Team in class setting. Since I am a teacher, for most of the time, I am the one speaking and the class listens. However, the video that everyone sees, is split into four parts, and I am (or whatever I want to show on my camera) on one part (quarter) of the screen.  Many times I write on the sheet and my webcam is arranged such that it shows what is being written live.


I want to show my video on full screen (not on the quarter of the screen). This will improve their viewing and reading experience. Please help me if this is possible.


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Hello @Latif1040 , you can´t change the size of the window when you show you webcam. But if you use the option share you can show your desktop or any application specifly. Also you could try the "Microsoft board" tool.


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@Latif1040 Your students could choose to 'pin' your video and then they would only see you. They do each need to do it themselves. 



@Steven Collier  Hi Steven. Thanks for your response to Latif1040, but it is not at all evident how one would "pin" a video, but it's not at all obvious how to do that. Although participants may want to see multiple parties (perhaps including themselves, and often more than four at once, à la Zoom) in a split screen environment, in many cases, they'd want to see only the "active" participant in full screen mode, particularly if it involves a presentation where a quarter of the screen is insufficient to see the presentation. It's essential that all participants are able to make any sector full screen without having to rely on the presenter to make this happen. This is particularly important when viewing an imbedded video, or a video of a recorded Teams session, where there is no presenter to control things. Teams is not exactly intuitive and it's very easy to assume (incorrectly) that users will know how to use it (as there is no apparent Help function or source for tutorials). Thanks for any help you can provide!

@dss27 Help is at the bottom left, if you go to it and search for pin video you'll see the instructions you need.


or Right click on a video, choose pin.

@Steven Collier Thanks for the response, but I don't have a Teams meeting going on at the moment so I can't test that (I don't recall seeing a Help button in the interface but I'll look for one during the next meeting). However, in the case of a video embedded in Teams Chat stream, when I click on that, it opens in Microsoft Stream (in its own separate window) and there are no apparent controls other than pause/play, volume, playback speed quality, and maximize/minimize. When I click maximize, the video takes up the whole screen BUT it's still divided into four sectors and that's the problem--I want only the upper left quadrant (the one with the presenter) to fill the screen. Also, do you know if there's a way to download a video recording of a Teams meeting as an MP4 or other accessible video format? There's a "download" link but nothing happens when I click that and it says "expires in 14 days"... Thanks again.

I just needed to do the same and there is a feature (probably new) when sharing, you click “Share” followed by “Share Video”