Show "unread" message count on badge in Teams tab

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We are showing a intranet webpage in Teams through a custom Tab. 


when ever i get new message in my app . I would like to display the number of unread messages as a badge on the icon of the app, just like the unread count in a Team channel, so the user doens't have to actively check the page, but is informed of new things to do through the badge.


I can't find a method on how to make this possible. Anyone can help me out? Search engines don't help me out either. Is it even possible for a custom app/tab?


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Click the menu icon beside your profile icon.
Follow this directory, Settings > Notifications, then click the “Edit” button under “Chat”.
Set notifications for @mentions, messages, and likes & reactions to “banner” or “banner and feed”.

Rachel Gomez



I have done this, and still no badge shows up in the taskbar icon. I have solved the problem by going back to old Teams; hopefully Microsoft addresses this error. I need to know at a glance if I need to check that. Im not sitting at my desk all day and I need to know quickly during 'pit stops' if there's a message.

I have the same problem, waiting for any hints!



My organization has recently seen the same issue although it started off working when we first upgraded to "New MS Teams" have you all gained any traction or resolutions?