Show multiple dial in numbers in the invitation

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Hi all,


does anyone have an idea if it is possible to show multiple dial in numbers on the invitation?


Actually I can find just the setting to set one number for one user, which is shown in the invitation. All other participants - if they are from diffrent countries - need to click the link ("Local Numbers") and search for their country... This is a little bit annoying if you have permanently international calls.


Is there a setting, which I'm missing or does someone have an idea for a workaround?




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Currently there is no option to add more numbers in the invite (more than writing them manually). There are a couple of user voices requesting this.


One option if you if you invite users from many countries is that you write in the invite that participants can find more numbers by clicking "Local numbers". 


An admin can change the number shown in the invite, so if you are located in Germany but you almost only invite participants from USA you can have admins to change your default dial-in number from a German number to an North American number.


@Linus Cansby  Thank you for your long answer! I feared it's like this... ;) BR Stefan