Show In Teams Search And Suggestions

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Hey all, 

We're running into an issue where users have to search for Teams names to be able to see them. There's no way for users to see all public teams. 

I've had a look at the ShowInTeamsSearchAndSuggestions but it's been depreceated. 

On top of this, we'd also like to show all private teams. 


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Does this happens no matter if you are using the Teams or Desktop client? If you go trough Outlook Web: Are you able to discover the publics M365 Groups?

Yes. If we use Teams for iOS the suggested Teams list is larger, but not complete.

It happens on both Teams WEB and Desktop client.

We're able to discover Groups through "Groups" in "People" on

Specifically, I was hoping we could show all public teams under "Join or create a team".