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I regularly host teams meeting with more than 200 participants. The participants join by using the link that I share with them.


Recently, I have noticed that when I open the participants list while the meeting is in session, I can only see the names of the first 180 or so participants. After that it shows me +33 participants.


It is important for me to see the names of all participants in every meeting. Is there a way I can do that (see names of all current participants)?


Please let me know. Thank you!

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I'm not sure whether this can be achieved within the Teams UI but the resulting 'attendee list' attached to the meeting will have everybody listed. Not sure ... can this be accessed _during_ the meeting? Sorry, not a full answer but good luck.
AFAIK, there is not currently a way to see by default the full list of attendees. You have either to open the attendees panel and then do a drill down or just get that list once the meeting happened