Show column in one channel, hide in others

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I have added a new column in one channel. It automatically gets displayed in all other channels within my organisation.


How do I display a specific column in one channel, but hide it in all other channels?
Some type of setting which specifies whether a column is visible in all channels or not, by default. If that is un-selected, then I should be able to individually control in which channel is the said column visible.


Does this already exist?

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Hi @Samir_Jadhav - do you mean that you have a List or Library, and you added a column to it? And if it's a Library, is it the default Library under the 'files' tab?


If it's a List, then you'd want to create a new view for the one channel where you do want the new column displayed. Then pin it as a Tab using the website option rather than the List option, as so far, we can't pin specific views using the List option.


If it's the default Library under the Files tab, then it will show on Channels by default. If you need a unique set of metadata, you may want to create a new Library on the associated SharePoint site and then pin that Library as a tab in the Channel.


I hope that helps!