Shifts - Users unable to clock-in/out with iPhone/iPad App

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This started a couple days ago, but none of our users are able to clock into any shifts using the Teams/Shifts app on iPhones or iPads. They press/hold the clock-in button, it spins, and returns w/out clocking them in. Seems to be affecting all users on all shifts. I have verified that it does work on Android mobile, Windows Teams app, and the web app - seems to just be iOS/iPadOS devices affected. I reported the issue to Microsoft via the Admin portal, and it was closed with "no issue found". 🤷‍


Can someone out there be kind enough to try it on their end so I can see if it's just limited to our tenant/environment?




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@TLCAdmin I'm having the exact same issue with Teams. It doesn't seem to be consistent, as some users were having this problem and it resolved itself but other users are still experiencing it. The only commonality is that the devices in question are either iphones or ipads. Macbooks don't appear to be experiencing it, so it would seem to be an iOS issue. 

Thanks for confirming. I haven't found an iOS/iPadOS Teams app user yet that isn't experiencing this - all are using the latest publicly released version of the app, but some are on v15, others v15.5 of the OS. I've gone ahead and opened a basic support ticket, since there seems to be no other recourse for handling issues or reporting bugs.

Same issue here, all of our iOS users, regardless of device and OS version are having this issue, I think that Teams release 4.19.0 brought a bug. Our users starting having issues Friday 11/4/22, some more began having issues 11/5/22, and now all users are having the issue except for 1, that 1 is running 4.7 and is still able to clock in/out as usual. I'm going to submit a support ticket in our portal as well.

I've reported this twice to the O365 Admin portal starting on Sunday, only to have it returned closed as "No Issues Found". Do they even attempt to reproduce? Or just assume that if they aren't seeing dozens of reports that it must not be a real issue?
If they can still close the ticket the issue isn't a real issue yet, right? :)
I'll update here if/when they reply to mine. I gave some troubleshooting details I have already taken so maybe they'll at least say "yeah, seems like you have problem, good luck!" haha
They did call me back, and mine is still open. I'd encourage you to try reopening yours but be sure to give as much detail as you can about the exact symptoms you're experiencing. The tech I spoke with said they would be escalating the issue and contacting me back via email as soon as they learn more or calling back tomorrow morning.
Seems like more people are discovering this issue as I've seen more forum threads pop up. The one's I've seen reference a health advisory of "TM458641", but I don't see that in the O365 portal under current or past health advisories. So, that's interesting.
Hopefully they can narrow it down today, explaining it to each user is a bit of a bear, but I'm guessing there's a process that needs to be followed, it'd honestly be interesting to see how they deal with bug reports of this nature, I can't really think of where you'd start outside of "hey app developer, you messed something up with an update".
What a time we live in.



Were you able to find a fix for this or did MS ever get back to you? I'm seeing the same issue here for some of my users and they are stuck!

My staff is having issues too for the last week and a half. I don’t think it’s an iOS issue but I will send out a chat to the group to check on what phones/versions they are using.
All my employees using iPhones have this issue once they update to the most recent version of Teams for IOS (ver 4.20.0). Employees on previous versions of the app did not have the issue. It is still unresolved.

@Kent Neilson I am experiencing the same issues as others are reporting, but I am currently on Teams 4.19.0 on my Iphone and I can not clock in from shifts as well as my users that are on the current 4.20 version. So it appears to be effecting other versions as well as the most current.  

My employees are seeing the same issue. All on iOS devices, and I'm assuming all on the latest app version 4.20.x, though I haven't confirmed that. Android app works fine. Desktop and web clients work fine. It does indeed seem to be isolated to iOS devices, and and it did seem to start around 11/4.

This is one of only two reports I find on the web of this issue. The other is here:


What's the best place to report this?

Problem solved! Microsoft just released version 4.20.1 of Teams for iOS today (2 hours ago), that seems to have resolved the bug. The issue stemmed from the GPS tracking for the "Time Clock Location" I noticed that when a user clocked in/out the location grab (you can see the icon on the upper left of the phone pop up when you clock in, it's getting your current location) seems to have had a bug.
I've tested with 2 of our users so far after re-enabling the Time Clock Location setting and the issue seems to be resolved here.

Yup... I can confirm that it is now working.  Thanks MS!


Here's what I got from MS (sorry for delay in my reply):

  • Current status: We've completed the preparatory process for our intended fix and have subsequently initiated deployment to the affected service environment. Barring any unforeseen complications in deployment, we anticipate that the fix will be fully propagated by November 30, 2022, after which users will be able to download a new version of the Microsoft Teams iOS app from the App Store to remediate impact. 


I am seeing that when users request time off on iOS, they can't leave a reason. The keyboard doesn't open and instead the app navigations to the Team selection area. Anyone else seeing this?