Shifts Phone App assigning wrong shifts

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We use shifts app to schedule people on field work.  We use our shifts list to assign work and equipment required for a field personnel.   Each assignment has a specific colour code (blue for equipment).  


I have had multiple complaints about the app not displaying the right "equipment" to the right person when looked into through the app.  I have attached an example, the manager assigned a GPS called "GPS 001-2019".  On the Friday of that week, "GPS 001-2019" was assigned to Mohammed by the manager (also was shared with all users).  I have attached a photo from the manager's phone and computer displaying the right assignment.  


Mohammed and a few other field personnel got the notification correctly.  However, David's phone displayed that the same GPS was assigned to him not to Mohammed (photos are attached from several field personnel's phones for reference).


This is one of multiple similar issues with this system where people rely on the shifts app to know what equipment/jobs they have been assigned to.  


Just to be clear, we have been sharing any updates momentarily after modifying the schedule, so clicking "share" does not solve the issue.  We do not find out about those issues until someone finds a conflict at the time when the work is assigned.    


Please note that this is not an issue that occurs on a specific phone, it happens to everyone randomly. We have previously thought the system was glitching at the early stages of development.  But at this point, we are assuming these kind of issues should not be happening as everyone is relying on these tools heavily now with working from home. 


Please let me know if you have any additional questions or information you may need to rectify this issue. 




1 - Managers PC: 


Micorsoft Teams Schedule-Managers Laptop-Re.David Igbinedion-GPS 001-2019.jpg


2 -  Managers Phone


Micorsoft Teams Schedule-Managers Cell Phone-Re.David Igbinedion-GPS 001-2019.jpg


3 -  Mohammed's Phone Screen Shot for Friday's Schedule  (Displayed Correctly)


Micorsoft Teams Schedule- Mohammed Ibrhaim Khan's Cell Phone-Re.David Igbinedion-GPS 001-2019.jpg


 4 -  Adam's Phone Screen Shot for Friday's Schedule  (Displayed Correctly)


Micorsoft Teams Schedule-Adam Emmerton's Cell Phone-Re.David Igbinedion-GPS 001-2019.jpg


 5 -  Mohammed's Phone Screen Shot for Friday's Schedule  (Displayed Incorrectly)


Micorsoft Teams Schedule-David Igbinedion's Cell Phone-Re.David Igbinedion-GPS 001-2019.jpg



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anyone has a solution for this?