Shifts not able to remove member

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we have started using Microsoft Shifts under Teams. 

Added few members to an open group and added some shifts to those members and removed it.

But when I now try to remove a member it says its been assigned with some shifts in current schedule.

But I could see no shifts has been assigned to those members and it shows blank. 

How to remove the member already added to this group?



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Try do it from the web client!

Yeah.. Tried that also.. Same error.



following as I have the same error. There is a star where it should be removed and if you click the star, the shift is still there.


Did you get a solution?

I have the same problem.How to delete * star   @emcnicho 

@SB106 As far as i know the star meens that it is a planned shift which hadnt been published yet. Click on Share with team and the star will disappear.

I am having this same error - No Stars, No hours in the group

I was able to remove 5 of 10 but the other 5 will not remove. Also the group itself has no hours but I cannot delete the group.

Anyone find a resolution to this?

@Everyone  -Same issue as of the date of my post. See attached image.  This has been discussed for a while and is still an issue but hoping there has been some recent solutions either by MS or someone out there.  Was not sure if we should name groups by Supervisor name or Team name but we have a dynamic environment and Supervisors and employees move around.  There has to be a way to rename groups and move and delete members around. As it stands this does not work.