Shifts: Member could not be added

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I am trying to model our team using Shifts - tied to a Team where we have 60+ users all included


I am creating several groups of machines to run(about 22 machines/groups). Some members of these groups are duplicated in others, as they are cross trained. Worked fine adding people, until I got an error after the 6th or so group, saying I couldn't add a member: 



However, in the 8th group or so, after trying this group, I could add the same member into group 8 that I couldn't in the above group. It seemed like only certain groups had been an issue? Is there a limit to how many groups someone could be in? I Tried other members who hadn't been in any groups yet and they couldn't be added either. Maybe this is a bug? 




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I also ran into this issue with a specific user, and this is the first time I've ever encountered this problem. Any advice?

@DMR_EPCC I am having the same issue with adding folks that are already members on the Team, but not able to add to the group, or they were added but won't let me give a shift with the error message "this person may have been edited or deleted" which is not true.

@aquigley247   No resolution on this?