Shifts limitations?

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Good morning,


I am looking to create a team an utilize said team to schedule people. Currently, I would need to create approximately 14 groups within the shift app and add 200+ members to it. 


Is anyone aware if this is possible or if there are any limitations to the number of people/groups you can create within 1 shift schedule?



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Hi @alanh1123

Limit to the number of people in 1 shift schedule is the same limit for the number of people in a Team - so 5000 users currently.

You can create 1 shift schedule per Team.

You can create at least 20 groups within the schedule as I have personally tested this this afternoon. There is no documentation I can find which has a hard limit - but this will cover your requirements.

Hope that answers your questions

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoardthanks!


Any idea if/when we will be able to set recurring shifts or shifts that are longer than 24 hours?


We currently have shifts that last 1 week (Thurs-Thurs) however, when creating open shifts, it seems that you can only make the shift 24 hours.


Any tips you can recommend so folks don't have to request 7 shifts whenever they are scheduled to work that entire week?

Recurring shifts is currently on the backlog per this uservoice updated March 2019

There is no real workaround for this currently. It is expected that functionality such as recurring shifts will be introduced over the course of the year and before StaffHub is retired in October 2019. You could copy and CTRL-V paste shifts which may speed it up but I don't think this will help a great deal if shifts are at different times.

Hope that clarifies

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardVery helpful. Thanks again 

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