Shifts Conflicts due to Employee availability

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Hi All,


Every time I assign a shift to one of my agents, the shift appears with a warning sign and let me know that: "John isn't available during this shift that day. Availability on that day: 2pm-6pm, 7pm-11pm".


I might have been that the agent was only available during those hours in the past, but now he is able to work those hours. I have checked how to change his availability with my Manager profile and I have called the employee who shared his screen to check where HE could change his availability. We were not able to find how to change his availability.


So every time I add a shift on his timeline, I have this alert.


How can I solve this? Is there another post with the solution that you could share with me?


Many thanks



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@Antoinev86 In the Teams mobile app under the Shifts app, tap the "+" in the upper right-hand corner. Then, select "Set Availability" and set as desired. This setting appears to only be configurable by the end user, so you'll need to tell the person with the conflict to go in and make this change.MicrosoftTeams-image.png