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Hello all,


i have a problem with setting up schedule owner permissions for shifts as descriped in this article:


I want to be able to manage shifts as a team member without having to be a team owner.


I set up a new teams shifts policy that looks like this now:


Get-CsTeamsShiftsPolicy -Identity ScheduleOwnerPolicy

Identity : Tag:ScheduleOwnerPolicy
EnableShiftPresence : False
ShiftNoticeFrequency : Never
ShiftNoticeMessageType : DefaultMessage
ShiftNoticeMessageCustom :
AccessType : UnrestrictedAccess_TeamsApp
AccessGracePeriodMinutes : 15
EnableScheduleOwnerPermissions : True


And i granted this policy to some off the users from the tenant:


Grant-CsTeamsShiftsPolicy -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons -PolicyName Tag:ScheduleOwnerPolicy


But it doesn´t seem to work so far. Do i miss anything here? Is there anything else that i have to make?


Have a nice day



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Unfortunately it is a bug and it is still not fixed. I opened a ticket for that on the 5 of september 2022 and the support answer is: This is currently a bug in the system.
As the issue is being worked on by our developer team, we will close this case on our site.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tested yesterday and it is still there.

@Benjamin Stierle 


Do you happen to know if this bug has been fixed? I have been trying to set this policy but it does not seem to work...?

Never mind, seems to work now!