Shift deletion still showing shift times when exporting

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When exporting data into excel from shifts, deleted shifts are still showing as times on the export which then have to be manually removed to make the export accurate. Is there a way to stop the deleted shifts being seen on the export 

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I noticed there were no replies, you did ask originally in March 2020, it has obviously been a while so this may no longer be relevant to you specifically, however I came across this thread while searching for a solution to this exact issue this morning, so it may help someone in future.

If a shift in the schedule is still a draft, i.e., it has NOT been shared, there is an asterisk on the top left corner of the shift & the text is italicised:


In the above, the 'SAMPLE' shift has been shared, there is no asterisk & text is now bold, while the 'TEST' shift is a draft.


When the above data is exported to excel, the data for both the shared and draft shifts appears in the spreadsheet, and the 'Paid Hours' column (left of 'SAMPLE') has the total hours listed:



After deleting both the 'SAMPLE' & 'TEST' shifts from the schedule, it appears like this:


The schedule appears blank, but there is an asterisk in the top left of where 'SAMPLE' was. When I export this data to excel, the draft shift data no longer appears, however, the data for shared 'SAMPLE' shift is still there, however the total in the 'Hours Paid' column has reduced (in this example to 0, because there are no other shifts scheduled):



The data for this shift is still exporting because the deletion of the shift has not been shared, indicated by the asterisk in the top left:


To stop this data appearing when you export, you will need to share the deletions. You can do this the same way you share the whole schedule or individual shifts. Once the deletion is shared, both shift spaces are completely blank:



Now, when the data is exported to excel, there will be no shift data & 'Paid Hours' will be 0:



Hope this helps! :smile: