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Good afternoon,

I have a user that is using the "Calls" function of Teams to initiate a meeting with other users.  While in the call he attempts to share his screen and he gets the "Presenter Mode".  See first picture below.  The Presenter Mode does not work.

When I call him to replicate the issue from my Teams I get what I consider the normal view or sharing.  See last picture.

We both have the same version of Teams  I believe he has changed a setting in Teams somewhere but I do not which one.  Can someone point me in the right direction to fix this.  Do I just need to uninstall and reinstall the application perhaps?

 Users Sharing Controls.jpgMy Teams Sharing Controls.jpg

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Kevin S.

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Can you check if this works when you call the user and try to initiate the presenter mode. I am sure this won't in that scenario as well. Try adding a third user to your call and then initiate the presenter mode it would work immediately.

For the presenter mode to be working the users needs to be in a Teams Meeting not in a one to one call.

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Satish Upadhyaya