Sharing custom URI scheme in chat?

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I have built a custom URI scheme that calls a local app for my users. It looks something like this:




It works no problem from Excel, Word, Outlook, Chrome, etc (obviously it asks the user permission to run it first, which is what I want).


However, pasating the hyperlink into a chat in Teams removes the link content. So it's a hyperlink, with the correct text, but the link content is removed and replaced by ""


Does Teams just not support custom URI schemes like all the other MS products do? Or is there some security setting somewhere I need to change?



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@ThereseSolimeno thanks but that's not the direction I'm interested in.


I want to invoke my custom URI scheme from a link pasted into a Teams chat. But the link works fine in Office apps but is not clickable in Teams chats.


Any ideas? Thanks!

@PaulBuckland I am trying to do the same thing, wondering if you found a way to make a URI link clickable in a Teams Chat?

Nope, Teams still only allows http links.

I got around this by setting up an http server using AutoIt, and trapping an http version of my URI scheme with it and passing through anything else.

Yes, it would be far easier if Teams just acted like Office...