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Hello all. I have been a Teams Admin for about 6 months. I have 6 team members I would like to share a common calendar with.  What is the best way to set up a share a Team Calendar, that my team members can update themselves?  I would like the Calendar to be displayed in Teams like in outlook. Some of my team members do not use exchange or outlook as their primary email, calendar or appointments.

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Hi @Michael Krueger 


Will have to get one of the more technical folks here to show you how to do this, but there is a way to have the group/Team appear in your Outlook where you can also access the calendar, group Inbox, etc.


All team members can get it but I don't know the technical way to do it.


I currently have that set up now. My understanding was that this used to be the default behaviour but then Microsoft switched it off.


@Deletedmight know? He's an awesome fountain of knowledge.




Well, before saying anything, there is currently a new calendar/meeting experience rolling out to tenants right now, replacing the meeting tab in teams! If this one also somehow includes the office 365 calendar somehow, I don’t know but this feature is also in the works!

Otherwise there is a few options currently! As said the group/team has an outlook calendar! ( can be accessed through outlook with a simple powershell command ) You can also insert this url as a webiste tab in teams, but the user experience here is lacking quite a bit!

Otherwise you can also tab your groups SharePoint site with the Office 365 group webpart! This Will show the latest 10 events in this calendar and people can update this and also sync events to their personal calendar! I’ve used this in some scenarios!

Another option is using a sharepoint calendar! How to create one is easy and can be shown with the sharepoint tab in teams! This one does not integrate with outlook though but you can also sync events to your personal calendar!

I’ve seen custom built office 365 group built calendar tabs made from Microsoft Graph also! If you want I can find that for you!

The conclusion is that you can utilize the already existent group calendar in some ways! Also as said there are better integrations with this coming!
Also there is the sharepoint calendar!
Both has pros and cons! There are several previous threads about this and also other resources online discussing this! Search and you will find more information !


Adam & Damien thanks for your valuable response.  The options mentioned included:

1) waiting for the new calendar app - replacing the meetings app

2) using the setting up a group and sharing the group calendar - (doing this also works best as what I want but do not know how to tab it)

3) Set up an outlook teams calendar, share it with the team  members and add the URL for the calendar as a tab (this is what I currently doing with limited success) - and not a good experience.

4) Setting up a sharepoint calendar - ??? not sure how to do this and keep it up to date. - not tried

5) the other options not sure what they look like and how to do it.


Thanks it looks like this has been an issue for a while and not just my inability to figure it out.  A shared calendar is fundamentally a valuable element of Teams collaboration. - I will wait to see what the new feature looks like. Thanks again

Add a SharePoint tab! Choose a site of yours! Go to that site in sharepoint and edit the page! Add the webpart “group calendar” It will automatically find the groups calendar! In the left side of the webpart there is a settings button! When you click this you can choose how many events that will show on the page!

Adam Thanks, almost there.  I set up the page, added the group calendar web part.  It says in order to show event go to outlook and enter the event is the SE Communications Group Calendar.  Does the web part automatically create the Group Calendar? Do I need to create a separate group calendar with the name on the page? 

The group calendar is already created! When you create a team/group, this is automatically provisioned! From teams go to the tab and press the link (groupname) on the webpart in the tab to directly access the calendar in outlook, where you can now add an event!
Adam, that is what I did. - I happen to have 7 calendars set up with my past attempts. But I pressed the link in the quick part and it took me to my calendar, I entered a test event -tried to sync from the web part and nothing is showing up in the quick part. Do I need to publish first?
You don’t have to sync anything! Just create an event in the future and make sure it’s in the calendar! Then updste the tab and it should be there
Adam, I see past events and was able to determine the calendar is uses. Now I do not see future events but I will work on it a bit. Thanks for the advice.
Great! Ive never experienced troubles! It should show all future events ( the at most 10 upcoming ones )
Post a pic on the tab
Adam, thanks for your help. I got it working. I needed to create a calendar and select it while you are editing the web part - in the right pane I needed to select the created calendar for sharing. The default group in my case did not have a calendar associated with it.
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Great you got it working!

Depending on how you use the calendar, if it's just something you want people to go in and check from time to time, and don't need meeting functionality and all that I have always just used a SharePoint calendar for our Team and it's worked well. We use it mostly for PTO / OOF scenarios. Example below. To acheive this, use either the built in SharePoint calendar, or create a new list with calendar template, then you go to the calendar view page, and add ?isdlg=1 to the end of the URL which will trim all the classic SharePoint page off and only show the calendar. Take that URL and use it as Website tab and you're good to go. 




Chris, I really like this and I did this in classic SharePoint a few years ago, I forgot how I did it. the ?isdlg=1 gets rid of browse and other SharePoint stuff. Okay remind me how this is done again. There has got to be a video you can point me too? much appreciated.

@Chris Webb 

Thank you but I do have some issues with this.

  1. Currently I have not been able to find out how to display the calendar in a Weekly or Monthly format. All I am able to do when editing the web part is to show more number of events per page.
  2. I have also not been able to see a difference when adding ?isdlg=1 to the URL (see attached image)

@Chris Webb One thing I noticed is if I was to create a number of entries in the calendar only I seem to get the reminders for the entries and not rest of the team. Does anyone know how to make the notifications popup for the whole team?

God, I hope this is something they're working on and will roll out soon. This is way too complex for something that should be seamless and ubiquitous (doesn't everyone need a team calendar that syncs easily with their own??) and trying to make it work is driving me insane.

@ctoocheck I agree this should be built-in functionality. We have tried everything from everyone our team adding our O365 group to all appointments and meetings to manually going into a shared calendar and adding appts. It is crazy that it is this difficult.

I just want an easy way that my team can share their appts/mtgs so that the rest of my team can fill in for them if someone needs to be out.