Sharing a Teams Calendar

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Hello all. I have been a Teams Admin for about 6 months. I have 6 team members I would like to share a common calendar with.  What is the best way to set up a share a Team Calendar, that my team members can update themselves?  I would like the Calendar to be displayed in Teams like in outlook. Some of my team members do not use exchange or outlook as their primary email, calendar or appointments.

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@adam deltinger 

Hi, I have just set up my first MS teams space. The calendar is "automatically provided", to me as a owner yes. I would like Guest users as well to see and use the calendar. How can I make it accessible to them? Not found a way to do so yet.

Thanks for any advice


@Michael_Thiel I don't think there is a Calendar "automatically provided". If in the Teams app you are seeing a calendar (like in the sidebar), that is your personal calendar, not a team calendar. Information on work arounds above in this thread.

The problem is that though Msft talks a lot about "integration", Teams and Outlook aren't integrated in any meaningful way. Most people would define integration as meaning Teams has a calendar template that can get data from Outlook and vice versa. That obviously would make sense but Msft only provides a half baked iframe option that allows you to embed an Outlook calendar in a Teams tab - an option that comes with so many limitations and issues that it really isn't a workable solution. For one thing, a group calendar url opens for some users on their personal view not the group view, so is pretty much worthless.


Hard to believe a real shared calendar option wasn't built before Teams launched but Msft has always suffered from a territorial culture and getting any kind of integration between their product groups is a challenge for them.