Sharing a file link from a Private Channel

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I have users seeing unexpected behavior when they send a document link from a private channel to a member of the private channel.  When the user opening the link to the file (that they have access to if they navigate to the document vs. use the link) they are being prompted to ask the owner of the site for permission to access the document.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Is it a known bug in a private channel?  If the person sending the link chooses "copy link" so that anyone with existing access to the file sends the link to a person who is a member of the team, they shouldn't be required to grant access again, IMO.  I'm confused by this behavior and wondering if there is a setting or some way to prevent this from happening with our users.   Thank you in advance for thoughts and advice!


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Does this happen with every user in the private channel?

@Andres Gorzelany  Yes it does.  

It's strange, what happens if the owner goes to the SharePoint Document library and copies the link from there instead?
I'm investigating that process now. I'll post an update when I have the results of this testing.
Have you found out what is causing this or heard anything from Microsoft?

@LynetteBiers is there an update ?

We have the same problem in our tenant.