Sharepoint Tab, Read Only


When we add a sharepoint site to a tab in teams it renders as read only, there is no possibility to add a new item.


I you take a look at #5, you can clearly see the "add news item"


If we try to replicate this we see a read only page, any ideas?


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When you add a SharePoint library in Teams is honors the permissions set on the library in SharePoint! Make sure the members of that team have read/write on that library you added!



thanks @adam deltinger .


I have used the default site behind the teams page, which has no modified permissions. I have created a new team, added the SharePoint site to a tab and its also read-only.


it seems pages are read only "Add a SharePoint page or list. Lists can be edited. Pages are read only in Teams."


which begs the question how are news items added as per the blog post above


Can you edit these document from the files tab?

You should be default be able to edit lists and documents from teams!

Yes we can modify them. the Use Case we have is to add a new "News Post" from within a teams tab. This seems to be indicated in the blog post above, however I'm guessing that is a pre fast track release, or a rendering. :(

Ok! No, only lists can be edited through the SharePoint tab! Otherwise it's read only!


So, this is because the screenshot was made in the web client. It uses the current browser to render it when using web, unlike the desktop client uses some back end edge type zombie rendering engine so it trims up some of the page. 


Hoping the SharePoint integration fixes this that's coming some day, but honestly the actual back end website rendering tab inside the client needs to be updated before this will work properly like the screenshot. 

Edited that one I see lol
Well, I couldn't reproduce it originally so I thought it was marketing mojo with screen snips lol.. but then figured out where they got it from (web client)