SharePoint Site Page Integration in Teams - How to display the top navigation?

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Hello everyone,

I integrated a SharePoint Site Page in MS Teams and I need to have the top navigation.

It is possible to see the navigation pane when I open a browser:

2019-03-09 16_59_51-Window.png

When I open the same site page integrated in Teams, the navigation is not there:

2019-03-09 17_03_43-Window.png


Is there a possibility to display the navigation integrated in Tems? If yes, what are the steps?

Thanks for your support?


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No, unfortunately not! There a lot left to wish for with the sharepoint integration in teams!
Hi Adam,
Thanks for your reply.
Hm... The answer sounds bad for my idea.
Do you know any other possibility to create new site pages, to store and to publish them inside MS Teams?
I want to create a Wiki and I don‘t want to use Teams built in functions for Wikis.

Wiki pages are not yet available in the Modern Style. Your idea won't work yet. You will need another approach (:


You could use OneNote instead of Wiki pages, or you could use Modern SPO Pages. or just sent the users back to the classic SPO wiki

Use highlighted content to create a page that lists the pages, rather than using the menu navigation ?


Strictly at the moment if you add hub site navigation then it does show when in Teams, but that feels like an oversight that ought to be fixed. 

Just try to use any of the modern WebParts that allow you to link content...I'm not so sure we will see site navigation integrated in teams in the feature at least not in the way you see when you browse your SPO Sites

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies.

Currently my "Wiki" looks like this:

2019-03-15 19_57_17-Window.png


I created a content type based on "site page" and I store the documents in a subfolder of the library "site pages".

My current idea is to start a flow based on the "New Page" button. The flow copies a predefined page into the subfolder and after that the user gets an email with a link to the new page.

Even if this is not best practice, it would be a executable workaround.

The problem is, that I don't now how to initiate a flow on this way. :)


The idea with the highlighted content web part was good. If I use the document library web part the page will always be opened in a separate browser windows.

Unfortunately, the highlighted content web part is not always working as expected. E.g. I cannot filter the items based on the content type:

2019-03-15 20_09_33-Window.png

If you have any further ideas, I am happy to hearing from you. :)


2 years on, I’ve just hit the same problem: We use Teams for a Partner Portal for our core clients - already established so moving to SPO wholesale not an option.
Building a Knowledgebase, the Teams Wiki is too limited and the read-only display of SPO pages in Teams is convenient for opening up content to guests.
Atm my only option seems to be to add each separate SPO page to Teams AND to build an extra nav block in each page using web parts - clunky solution and a lot of extra manual work to track additions: if I have10 pages in the SPO site and add a new page I have to manually add a link to the other 10, and add 10 links to the new page.
Any suggestions gratefully received!