Sharepoint Migration Tool migrates Data only to standard channel

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hi everybody,


we are starting to migrate our on-prem Fileservers share by share to Sharepoint/Teams


i created a Teams, added some memberes, than created a private channel in that team. i than started a migration with the sharepoint migration tool and was not able to select the private channel as a destination for the migration process.


i than created another channel, this time a standard channel, and now i was able to select the channel as destination.


does the sharepoint migration tool only work with standard channels? and if so how can i migrate to private channel if needed as i can not convert a standard channel to a private one?

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@aesposito1982 Private Channels create their own, separate SharePoint site, I haven't tried the migration tool, but you will need to select a different destination site.

@Steven Collier 

Hi and thx for the reply. in the meanwhile i discovered that u can still migrate directy to a private channel using as destination the sharepoint site


it will copy my Data in the Documents folder and i still need to move the Data in the appropriate directory to make it visible in Teams. why? how can i migrate directly to the directory?