SharePoint Group Calendar web part not showing events from Teams calendar, App issue?

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I use the "Group calendar" web part within SharePoint with "proper" Office 365 groups with no issues.


I've just created a new Team and everything appeared to provision correctly.  I have a SPO site, calendar has appeared in Outlook client and I can access the calendar through OWA. 


When I add the "Group Calendar" web part it shows the group name but the web part just reports "There aren't any events scheduled." (before anyone asks, yes there are events in the calendar :)).  


In this case I created the Team via the desktop app, provisioning this way hides the group from Outlook.  I tested creating a team through the Admin console and this time the web part worked as expected, but I do get the group listed in Outlook.


I am guessing there must be a permission thing going on here, is there any way around this for app created Teams?






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@jhobdell good to hear I'm not the only was getting lonely in here :)

@Rob Clarke  same issue here. 


Any thoughts why this is happening?


Same problem but no solution.
Any idea ?

Hi! How far back forward are the events. I know there is a limitation on the webpart that it’s only showing events some month ahead

@adam deltinger Yes this could well be the issues - this was when we were playing around with the web part ahead of migrating to SPO.

No, the event is in my calendar for today and another event for tomorrow.

Present in my outlook calendar corresponding to the O365 group, and the webpart property is defined to use this group.

But still nothing with the message : No event planned....

But if I click on the group link that is present in the message, I go to the correct calendar and see the result.

Clicking on Sync doesn't help


@Christophe_Sarteel_FF Hmm, that sounds exactly like the issue we were having.  @adam deltinger The issue you mentioned that you know / is known about, does it prevent the web part from showing events unless they are after a particular period in the future?


I'm working under the assumption, now, that events created perhaps 6 months in the future would show up, but anything created "now" won't show up?

@jhobdell  I tested for an event today, tomorrow and in 2 weeks --> nothing is appearing at all...


@Christophe_Sarteel_FF It's starting to sound like the web part is just broken!

As it is a webpart in sharepoint online, and I removed/readded it on the page several times, I don't really know how to fix it?!

@Christophe_Sarteel_FF Did you find a solution?  I am running into the same issue.  I can see events in the shared calendar in Outlook, but nothing shows up within the sharepoint webpage.

Same issue here.  I add the web part and it shows no events.  If I click the link in the web part it opens the calendar which shows the upcoming events.  I'm wondering if it has to do with how the events are created?  I thought maybe I was putting them in my personal calendar instead of the group/teams calendar so they weren't coming in but I tried creating new events in the group calendar specifically and event tried in 365 after following the link to the group calendar in the web part and dice
@Rob Clarke 

Dear @Rob Clarke,

Thank you for rasing the issue a year ago. I was wondering it is still a valid problem. I am having trouble with it in my work, but I cannot understand whether it is because of my technical skill lacking?

Thanks for your feedback in advance


Dr Coymak (Choymok)


@DrCoymak We're having a similar issue. It seems related to the M365 group/Team in our case. We renamed the Team and group, and now the calendar is not syncing, even in Outlook and OWA

Same problem here, running out of ideas here's a link that shows what I get
Try the following:
Add the O365 Exchange Module in PowerShell
Provided you have Exchange admin privileges, run the following command:
set-unifiedgroup -identity "<group display name>" -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$false