SharePoint Files Not Showing in Teams Channel

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I created a SharePoint "team site". I then uploaded several documents, including folders that contained documents. I made several other users Owners of the site. I then created the Teams Channel.


I expected to see in Teams under Files all the files/subfolders that I created in SharePoint. I do not see any files or subfolders.


Is there a setting I need to configure in order to make these files/subfolders available in Teams?

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Hello Gabe,

Did you upload those files to the default library "Shared Documents"? by default this library and the "Files" section in the General channel are linked.
If you created another library and add them there, you need to add it to Teams.


@jaymaradiaga thanks for the info. You helped me realize that when I created the Teams Channel, SharePoint creates a folder in Documents called "General". I had created my files and folders before the "General" folder was automatically created. So, all I needed to do was move the files and folders I created into the General folder. Once I did that, they all became accessible via Teams.


This is now resolved. Thanks!

Great, you're welcome!

@jaymaradiaga Hi. We have a similar scenario and are considering leaving the SharePoint library where it is, in order to segregate the files from those under General. How would we go about adding it to Teams? Thanks for the help.