SharePoint File viewer web part not displaying in Teams tab

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I have a SharePoint communications site with a page that uses a "file viewer" web part. When I add that SharePoint page to a tab (using website tab) in Teams (for another teams site) it is not displayed and it downloads the files. Highlighted with yellow is where the file should be displayed. Should this be possible ?

Capture file viewer not displaying.PNG
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Yeah, this is due to teams having trouble viewing certain webparts in tabs! Sometimes it works from desktop app vs web client! Try both sharepoint tab and website tab!
Otherwise if it’s files, I would add it as a sharepoint library tab directly or as cloud storage under “files”

What kind of file do you need to view in the tab? Remember for Office files you have the ability to add a file directly as a tab in Teams

@Juan Carlos González Martín . The Teams i have created is for Learning and Development. I add a tab that shows the learning and development communications page. On that page are web parts that are file viewers. I cannot use a SharePoint tab as it is not a page on the same site. So Teams does not seem to support modern pages that are not part of the same site. Maybe I should try another approach? 

I will check that out, using desktop or web.For the Teams tab its a communication site that i want to display so i cannot use a SharePoint tab. I want to display the communication site in the Teams and it happens to have file viewer web-parts.
It could be an authentication issue. Try using the URL a SharePoint tab creates that points to Teams logon.aspx, I wrote about it in this post

@Alan Marshall I think you are correct when i try to use the web based teams app it shows the tab as blank and says " Refused to connect"