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First, I want to say Amazing Job on the release of Microsoft Teams!


We just had our go-live for O365 this week after migrating from Google Apps.  I have been frantically looking for something to fill a gap that we have stumbled across that we were using on GApps that doesn't exist in O365.  Then along comes Teams and has promise to give us much more than plugging the gap that I have that is frustrating our users.


The Chat Bot told me that SharePoint Document Libraries (although you can add it as a tab in Teams) isn't quite ready.  (BTW, I love it when a Chat Bot actually answers the question that I ask it!!!!)  Having the abiltiy to link a document library from SharePoint into Teams will plug the missing feature that we relied on in Google Apps.  Do you have an ETA when this integration will be ready?  I would be very much willing to test this out with my user base.  This would, IMO, be a game changer on user acceptance of our O365 rollout.



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Hi everyone,


Thank you for providing logs and assisting us with this issue. With your help we've narrowed down the possibilities, but need to make changes to our telemetry to find the root cause. The changes are already on the way - I'll provide another update based on the results.


Thank you for your patience!



I've got this issue too if we can be of assistance to provide further clues.

Am getting the message These files are no longer available" when I click on the Files tab in a channel.

"File Not Found. Scenario ID: 21CE93E2137C4E0D9ED6E2964B0949A7"

It only happens for 1 of the 2 channels I have -- both have SharePoint integration added as a tab along the top.
For the 'broken' channel, I can still access files via the SharePoint tab
MS Teams version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/13/17.
I actually think I might know what it is.

I think it 'breaks' if you rename the 'General' folder to something else.

I've just renamed the top level folder via the SharePoint link back to 'General' and now my Files tab works again.

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@Greg Matthews

I have the same error:

These files are no longer available
Check to see if site is available and try again
File Not Found. Scenario ID: 04CA7FA4B01340B0A2C2D6FE43325E5C
Last week I created our first Team, and have a General and 3 other channels.  In one of the channels we uploaded some files, it was working fine for several days, but now when clicking on the Files tab in this particular channel, get the message above.  The files are still available on the Sharepoint site, and in Team under Files - Microsoft Teams.  It seems like the link is broken.  
The only change I can think that we did after uploading the files was to add the Sharepoint site to the General tabs, and added a Plan page to the failing channel.
I posted this onto the feedback button, but no response.  I am hoping this is where to request assistance for this software.
Hello all,

I just spoke to a SharePoint technician.

It seems that this message "We can't get your files. We're working on getting them back." appears when adding a document library from the root SharePoint-site:

When adding a document library from a different site collection it actually works!

This case is now being sorted by the Skype for Business Team. I will keep you posted.

I'm having the same issue when using Teams. I create a Team, then click the Files tab and encounter the error.


I've been told "wait 24 hours" on a similar issue - with the idea being that "behind the scenes, Microsoft is provisioning the storage" and it can take up to 24 hours for that process to run.


#1: the error message should be more descriptive

#2: this error never should happen in the first place - come up with another way to provision file space if this is really what's happening. Nothing like having work interrupted.

Hi Kyle!


when adding sharepoint tab to teams channel, Is there any way to select specific path from documents instead of the whole document tree? That would be great!


Our proposal is to keep every project document in the sharepoint site instead of the teams file tab in order to keep it all together. 


Thanks in advance!


Dear Team,


I am happy that all the features are intigrated at one place...!


Reg: Sharepoint document library in Microsoft Teams - Will the customiused view of documents library can be dispayed as it is?


Thank you. 

Any update on the issue with using doc libraries from the root? Thanks.

Are there any remaining known issues with linkage to SharePoint?


We are in a hybrid situation - most of our SharePoint is at O365.  We do have a few sites on-prem.  I am unable to link to these on-prem sites.


"We couldn't find any SharePoint site or a folder. Check the link and try again."


Is this supported?

I also have the same issue in my organization. We have an existing SharePoint library which was really hard and painful process to establish to be used as storage and to be organized. Now I am thinking of proposing teams as working and collaboration tool but this means either migration to the new concept of document storage, which will be confusing for the users and really painful or not using is at all and keep the link to the old library but it will be a mess, as users will soon start to exchange files and they will be stored in the new one and they will get lost.

So really as it is now I don't see a way use it in our organization. :( 

We have Office 365 deploy for company,
I have a group/channel chatting in Teams.
XXX_YYY with channel General

I have a Sharepoint site auto-created by Teams in Sharepoint.

But when I link Sharepoint site to Teams tab, Teams say "We couldn't find any SharePoint site or a folder. Check the link and try again"
What did I do wrong? How can I fix it?
My version is:
You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 11/10/17.



Bumping over here because I'm also facing this issue. Teams V. (64 bits)


Kind regards



Hi, I believe I have a similar issue and would greatly appreciate your assistance. This is with a team that was created from an existing office 365 group. When I go to the files tab in the team channel I get the "These files are no longer available, Check to see if the site is available and try again" with a show details link. The site does exist and I can add it as a tab but the binding for the channels and files just doesn't work.