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Hi All.


When viewing a voicemail left in a channel in teams ( from a call q )  I have noticed there is no delete option.  I suspect this is down to the fact that users need to be owners in order to delete messages from a group.  Has this carried into the voice features or am I missing something?

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Quick Update... Looks as if the messages can be deleted via outlook but not from within teams.. Again is this just a permissions issue or something MS need to address?
I have this problem also. My Team channel doesn't have an email account (that I know of) to delete the Voicemail.
The Team itsef email address is not accessible to open. Am I stuck with these voicemails forever??
(Personal voicemails can be deleted from Outlook or in Teams app)



I have a more primitive question related to yours:  how do you get calls to even show up on Teams?  We tried routing to a TEAMS voicemail box -- the messages show up on Sharepoint, but don't post to the TEAMS channel ... which makes the process unusable.